Are you planning to remodel your bathroom because it seems non- functional to you for a long time, maybe because of old and ineffective appliances or damaged flooring or whatever it is? A remodeled and renovated bathroom adds value to your home in terms of style and comfort.

Start with making a list of improvements that you want in your renovated bathroom. Seems harder?

Don’t worry, we have compiled our best tips and tricks to help you maintain a perfect balance between your creative customization needs and practical design ideas that can help you tie the whole bathroom together and you will have a clean, bright, and functional bathroom in the end.

Through careful and creative planning, finding the right contractors, and choosing the right design, you can have your dream bathroom.

Determine the extent of Your Bathroom remodel because not all the bathrooms need improvements on same level and Consider making these 10 improvements that we have listed out to increase functionality, style, storage, and comfort of your bathroom.

1. Plumbing

When remodeling the bathroom, the first thing that needs to grab your attention is plumbing. You can make a huge difference with less investment and also have low chances of complications. Normally, bathroom drain plumbing is 1 1/2-, or sometimes 1 1/4 inch-diameter pipe, usually PVC plastic having higher chances to clog. The amount of hairs ad gunk goes into the drain. Larger drain reduces the chances to clog. Upgrading to a 2-inch pipe will not cost you so much money. If you live in areas where temperatures can drop below freezing, then you should go for it. So, if you have a budget and the opportunity to go for it, you can improve the drainage quality in your bathroom with a smaller investment.

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2. Install a New Vanity and a Hidden-Tank Toilet

To get some new sparkling change in your bathroom, one of the improvements that you can make is to install a modern bathroom vanity like floating vanities, double-wide sinks and a hidden tank toilet.

Multiple designs are available in Bathroom vanities made from different materials, usually moisture-resistant or waterproof, because the bathroom is the biggest wet area in the home. You can choose the one you like according to your bathroom theme and color.

To visually double up the space around your vanity area, you can also consider using a big mirror as an alternative to a small medicine cabinet mirror.

There are several benefits of low flow, toilets with a hidden tank (also called hidden cistern toilets) in which the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall like it saves a lot of water and money. They are worth considering while remodeling a bathroom to save the design space like in a small bathroom.

They fit well in modern and contemporary decors and appropriate for all bathroom styles.

It’s a smart choice of many customers who want to increase the value of their home after renovation.

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But one thing that is hard is no easy access to the tank if the inner workings need attention resulting in difficulty of routine maintenance.

3. Textured Shower Floors

Check and Replace your bathroom tiles if they are large and non- textured with the small and textured ones. It is difficult to slope the large tiles because of the distance between the grout lines they are very slippery. Textured tiles always provide more traction, and the extra grouting will keep your feet from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet.

You can make choices according to your wants, Ceramic and porcelain tiles give you many options and styles to choose. You can mix different colors and match different patterns to improve the visual impact and create a harmonious look for your bathroom. It will also be an essential safety step for the floor tiling of your shower.

4. Install a Bath Tub or Shower – Or Both!

If you love taking baths, then you should install a bathtub, but if you rarely take baths, then it would be much better if you just install a large shower.

Master bath with marble counter refurbish

A bathtub is like a tradition nowadays, people add bathtubs in their bathroom because they feel that they should, and it would look more appealing to the prospective buyers. But your significant concern here is that in the next few years how you are going to use the bathroom. If taking baths is what you love, then, by all means, include a bathtub in your remodel.

Most Americans now prefer showering rather than bathing because our need to soak seems to decline. After all, life is getting quicker. While Baths also use a considerable amount of water as compared to showers.

5. Add a Window in the Shower

Humidity trapped in the bathroom space is the biggest enemy of bathroom cleanliness and it is because of bad and insufficient ventilation.

The best ventilation is always the natural one, while a good bathroom fan also makes a significant difference.

To overcome this problem, you can add a window in your shower, it will help keep your bathroom free from humidity, clean and dry.

Ventilation usually comes from:

  • Windows and window vents
  • Exhaust fans

If you leave the bathroom door open after using it, natural ventilation is enough and very useful. While adding a window brings natural light in the shower, which is both an aesthetic and safety consideration.

With your contractor or architect, discuss the types of windows, styles, and size that would be suitable according to space, use frosted glass for privacy but remember to slope the sill downwards so that water doesn’t get stuck.

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6. Change and Improve the Lighting

Lighting is an important factor that lots of people forget while designing a new bathroom. Bad lighting destroys the look and utility of your bathroom space. That’s why there’s a need for excellent lighting in the bathroom as it tends to have limited access to natural light.Modern bathroom design in luxury house

When you plan your bathroom remodeling project, consider adding or changing lights to improve your bathroom’s mood and functionality.

A boring bath with artificial lights is not that much fun. To set the lights according to your mood and comfort, the first lightening change you should make is a dimmer for the main lights.

For the best lighting, when doing your makeup, styling your hairs or shaving, or any other task that needs a lot of light, you can add recessed fixtures around the mirrors.

You can also add lights in the shower, rather than around it, to make your showers more lightened.

You can go for two types of lighting:

1. Take Advantage of Natural lighting

To make your bathroom brighter and airier, you should go for natural lighting. You can add plenty of windows or a skylight in your design. You can use a traditional skylight or a tabular skylight according to your home design.

Natural lights around the mirror give an accurate representation of your color and skin tone and how it will look when you go outside.

You may want to put your mirror and vanity lights in a position where you will be facing the window to take advantage of sunlight in day and vanity in the dark.

2. Add Artificial lighting

The sunsets every day, and you will need a good artificially lighting plan when it gets darker. Recessed LEDs on a dimmer switch can provide ambient light. Avoid harsh light sources and bare bulbs because overhead light can cast shadows on the face, which is very unpleasant. Use modern vanities. They have built-in lighting that provides pure, broad-spectrum light that gives your skin a natural appearance.

If you a reader and like to read in the tub, then also add sufficient lighting in the shower and over the bathtub.

Incorporate indirect lighting strips to the tile work in the shower to provide a splash of mood lighting to the niche. Pleasant and safe when they’re appropriately lighted.

7. Add a Unique Medicine Cabinet

You can add a bulging medicine cabinet over the vanity to get more storage space and a beautifully modern and sleeker look.New blue bathroom remodeling design with Marble shower Surround

The extra wall framing job doesn’t cost that much in the full bathroom renovation budget.

When your vanity is on the shallower side, this is very useful. It gives you extra space to bend over and use the sink using a corner in the wall. But be careful about banging on your head.

  1. Other fixtures

Apart from the major improvements, you should also pay attention to small details in your bathroom like towel racks, drawers, sink, faucets, and any other thing that needs improvement. You can’t neglect them because they are small. You can make a huge difference with small changes like these.

If you remain patient enough, you can renovate your bathroom with no trouble. You can make your bathroom more functional, efficient, and stylish by hiring a pro contractor.

With the experience and guidance of a pro person, you can make more informed decisions, and you will get better and can save yourself from getting frustrated.

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Your bathroom should look nice plus also be more functional. To achieve both, follow our guidance, hire GM Renovations NY, and start remodeling today.