You have decided to remodel your kitchen because you think that your old space is now out of date, but you don’t know how to start?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will guide you step-by-step about all the important things that you need to consider while remodeling a kitchen.

How to start?

You should start with thinking about what you need. What kind of layout, floors, colors, cabinets, countertops, and many other things that you need to consider before you start renovating your kitchen.

You can begin by shopping for kitchen appliances. Or, if you are not still sure you can check inspirational photos and get some new ideas.

dream kitchen remodelers

In most cases, Homeowners spend a year or longer in the exploration stage before they start meeting or interviewing contractors or designers.

Because homeowners find it mentally draining making all the choices and managing details in the remodeling project, and one of the most common reasons is they are confused about how everything will come together. What would be the end result? Will your new kitchen look perfect?

To professionally handle all of these problems, many designers and remodeling contractors are available in the market. With the experience and guidance of a professional kitchen remodeling company, you can make more informed decisions, and you will get better and can save yourself from getting frustrated.

As you start planning to remodel, follow these steps to remodel your kitchen ideally.

1. Make up your mind and prepare yourself

Break down the process into logical and manageable steps. You could start by thinking about why you want to remodel your kitchen, what things you want to get changed, and what your inspiration is.

You can write down all these things and discuss them with your contractor, kitchen designer, and other members of your household.

Prepare yourself to sail through the endless world stream of home improvement products.

Now, make up your mind that you will remodel your kitchen.

Take the first step with full confidence and dedication; this will help you tackle all the obstacles coming ahead with full firmness, and you will get to the finish line for sure.

Figure out your goals for your remodeling plan; think about how your kitchen will:

  • Fit your budget and time frame for the remodeling project.
  • Relevant to your household’s lifestyle need.
  • How your plan will be suitable for the dimension of your kitchen space.

2. Determine Your Wants and Needs

The kitchen is the most important part of a house, and it needs to be functional and practical. To get more ideas, you can visit kitchen showrooms or neighbor’s houses and home stores to figure out the cost of items and what you want or need to change out.

 Observe how your existing kitchen works and analyze your wants and needs:

  • What you don’t like about your kitchen the most, and you want to change?
  • Which features do you think are missing from your kitchen, and you want to add?good ideas for a long island kitchen remodel
  • What kind of layout, color, patterns, and styles do you want in your remodeled kitchen?
  • How often did you cook and who cooks mostly in the kitchen.
  • What about the use of kitchen equipment, any special requests from the chef of the house?
  • Do you have store recyclables in the kitchen? And is the trash is easily accessible?
  • Do you want to change your kitchen cabinets or need more counter space?
  • Think about the other activities that took place in the kitchen, e.g., laundry, paperwork, homework, etc.

The clearer you are about your requirements, the easier it will be for a kitchen designer or remodeling contractors to understand what you want and follow your specific vision while doing their work.

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3. Set Your Budget for Remodeling

The next in kitchen remodeling planning is setting up your budget. You should be realistic about your budget, and it would be really great if you add an extra of 10 to 20 percent for unknown and unplanned expenses. Set a conservative budget under your max budget to make sure that you have funds if the project lasts longer than expected. No one wants to end up with a half renovated kitchen, so the more cash you have more comfortably, you can finish your renovation project.

According to HomeAdvisor, a high-end kitchen, remodels can cost about $50,000, while the average cost of a kitchen remodels ranges from $12,500 to $33,000. Kitchen cabinets take up about 25-30 percent of your remodeling budget. Long Island New York kitchen remodeler GM renovations customers spend an average of $8,000 on kitchen cabinets.

In your calculations, add labor, and the cost of kitchen products, materials, shipping charges, and taxes. Think of the steps in the kitchen remodeling that you can perform yourself to save a significant amount of your money.

4. Set your Remodeling Goals and a Project Timeline

After setting your budget, the next thing that you should consider is your project’s timeframe and your remodeling goals.

Determine how long it will take to remodel your kitchen, depending on your kitchen’s size and space, and details of your kitchen remodeling project.

For this purpose, if you want your work to be perfectly done, you can hire a contractor, and if you’re from NY, especially from Long Island Lindenhurst and looking for a kitchen renovator or long island contractor, then you can hire Long Island New York kitchen remodeler GM renovations.

Mostly the sufficient time for a kitchen remodeling of an average kitchen is nine months. Out of which, the six months are for the ideas, planning, shopping, hiring and scheduling, and the rest of three months of contract work to build it out.

The remodeling time frame also depends on how fast your designer or contractor work and how effectively they use your time.

Your next step is to list out your project goals.

Make a list of the improvements that you need like

  • An open layout for more and brighter space
  • Updated and Efficient Appliances
  • Accessible cabinets, drawers, or trash bins.
  • New wood or tile flooring
  • Unique color contrast with different theme patterns

5. Now start shopping

You have set your goals, budget, project timeline, and needs, so now it’s time to shop.

If you don’t have hired an interior designer or contractor, you have to do the entire major shopping by yourself. Kitchen remodeling shopping is very time-taking as people spend hours making the right choices until they are completely satisfied.

You have to make a list of the things you need. You can start with our key kitchen products shopping list.

  • Electrical or gas appliances
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets and hardware
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring Tiles
  • Lighting
  • Doors and windows
  • Backsplash

Multiple options are available within each category, and they have different costs, features, and warranties. Perform Research visit various shops, check out different catalogs and different online stores, and then stick to your list and shop according to your budget while choosing the best of the best.

6. Hire the Pros and start working

To convert all of your ideas and plans into a functional, actionable plan, you need to hire a pro in kitchen remodeling.

Pros are available to help you with everything from contracts and permit to space planning, choosing finishes and fixtures, choosing a layout, color themes, budgets, shopping, ordering products, helping you set up a temporary kitchen, and managing your project from start to finish

When it comes to professional kitchen remodeling, the two important persons are:

  • A general contractor
  • A kitchen design expertCarpenter installing cabinets and counter top in a kitchen.

You should discuss all of your ideas and requirements with your contractor or your designer to confirm your space is planned in a way that will ensure convenience and ease of movement for you and your family.

To translate your needs and into a functional, attractive, and actionable plan, you need a kitchen designer. The job of a kitchen designer is to make sure that your kitchen space is efficient, functional, and have the best value according to your budget. They take the time to understand your needs and wants.

While to schedule work for trade professionals involved in a kitchen remodeling like plumbers, electricians, carpenter, fabricators, and tile professionals is a job of GC (general contractor). They work and coordinate with the kitchen designer to build out the installation of the remodeling plan.

Remember to stick to your plan, be proactive, and don’t get caught up in the excitement or get talked into things you don’t want.

It’s common for a contractor to be booked months in advance, and the most well-regarded pros have hectic and busy schedules. Try to make early appointments to make sure that you have a spot on the professional’s calendars. Start early with bringing in professionals and get on their calendars. Their expertise will help you make better and informed remodeling decisions.

It would be better if you do not hire an interior designer while remodeling a kitchen because, for a kitchen, their services are not critical, but they can add a high cost to your project.

Make sure your kitchen is just the way you want; it’s decorated, designed, and built according to your desires.

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