Why Trex Decking Is Your Best Choice For New Deck Builders


You have a deck that you plan to either repair or build new and you are faced with a few choices of what material to use. Traditionally, backyard decks were always made of wood. However, there’s a new product on the market even better than wood these days: Trex. Why is Trex superior to wood when it comes to decking? Let’s consider the following:

Durability Of Your Deck

Wood – These decks start deteriorating in about 10 years or so depending on where you live and what type of wood is used. Hot, humid climates or living closer to the water will lead to faster deteriorating even with treated wood. Decks begin to warp and splinter. They also tend to fade making them look worn. Insect damage also contributes to a deck falling apart. All of these lead to the deck needing to be completely replaced sooner.

Trex – Trex decking lasts up to 50 years before it starts breaking down. It doesn’t splinter, and is warp resistant. Due to its makeup, insects can’t damage it. There’s nothing for them to eat. Weather isn’t a problem for the Trex decking either, and the same goes with fading though it’s possible to stain or paint Trex decking. These also lead to the deck needing to be replaced but most times, not by the original homeowner. 50 years is a long time.


Wood – Wood decks need regular maintenance. They need to be sanded and sealed every couple of years. They also need to either be stained or painted to keep up their neat appearance. At times, pieces will need to be replaced because they were stained by spills, animals and regular wear and tear. This gets costly and your deck looks unsightly until the repairs have been done.

Trex – Trex decks only need to be cleaned when they get dirty. Nothing else needs to be done to them to keep them up for the lifespan of the deck. Cleaning is a lot less expensive than regular maintenance of a wooden deck.


In today’s world of ecologically aware consumers, this becomes a comparison point for a great many products, decking included.

Wood Even small decks take a lot of wood to make. These means a lot of trees have to be cut down and made into boards. Because the wood is usually not reusable when the deck needs to be replaced, more wood is needed to rebuild/replace the deck. Ecologically, this isn’t desirable because trees don’t have time to regrow or repopulate.

Trex – Trex decks use sawdust and plastic in their makeup. Sawdust is a by product of making other wood products so no new trees need to be cut down just to make them. The long lasting nature of Trex also means when it comes time to replace the deck, the Trex used will have been made with sawdust created years before – most of the time. Ecologically, this is desirable as it gives trees time to regrow and repopulate.


Wood – Initially, wood is the cheaper of the two options but over time, it becomes even more expensive than the other. The upkeep of a wood deck becomes quite costly, especially if parts need to be replaced. Replacing an entire deck because it has become so deteriorated it can’t be used safely can also be quite costly, especially if you have to do it every 5 to 10 years.

Trex – Initially, Trex costs more than wood but over time, it’s clearly the better of the two in terms of cost. There’s no maintenance except a cleaning every so often. Replacing parts isn’t necessary. It doesn’t need to be replaced for a good 50 years and by then, the original homeowner may no longer own the house. This means someone else pays for the new deck.

To recap:

Wood – has to be replaced roughly, every ten years because it’s not very durable. Sooner if they’re in a hot,humid region. They require maintenance. The wood needed requires a lot of trees. It’s cheap to build but gets expensive later.

Trex – needs to be replaced every 50 years, period. They don’t require maintenance outside a cleaning. They are eco-friendly. They are expensive to build but much cheaper later.

Trex is obviously the better choice for decking needs.  We have been expertly trained to install Trex products by the manufacturer and look forward to being your deck builder.  

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Trex compared to wooden deck