Custom dormers to add more livable square footage to your home

Dormers are on sloped side of a roof, a dormer window brings natural light into an upper room, attic, loft, or any room with a vaulted ceiling. Remodeling your home to add dormer windows will open up your roof space with brightness and warmth. Installing dormers in your roof alters your roofing in various ways. Raising roof dormers requires extensive planning and an experienced Long Island contractor like GM Renovation NY’s help.
Dormers come in multiple sizes and styles. A row of dormers is added to a relatively large attic space, which provides natural light and space ventilation. Or larger, room-sized dormer windows can create an entirely new area on the top floor of your home.

How do dormers help to add more room?

Dormers are the perfect solution for you if your house isn’t a full two-stories high, or you’ve been thinking about turning the unfinished attic into a new office or a couple of bedrooms for your family.

If you add one or more dormers in the spaces where headroom and light are issues, it will brighten up space. The dormer only raises a portion of the roof. Only the rooms beneath it are involved. Also, the hole in your roof will be smaller. It also provides a bit of a wall for a window or two.

Like raising the roof, the considerations for adding a dormer are also the same. Here is a list of some:

  • Schedule with the contractor carefully so the work will be done at the most convenient time. 
  • Find extra room for the people and belongings that generally occupy the space. 
  • Empty the area and seal it off to keep dust out of the rest of the house during construction.

Dormers are available in two basic types, with variations in each. You can choose the one you like the most or that suits your place.

Add gable dormers to your home

The gable or doghouse dormer

The triangle beneath the roof when you look at the end of a house is called a gable. A gable dormer has the same shape like a triangle that starts at the eaves’ level, but it’s on the side of the roof, and often it’s not as wide as the end gable and doesn’t go all the way up to the peak. Sometimes a gable dormer starts above the eaves, with a short stretch of the roof below it, but that’s less common.

It is a subclass of gable dormer with sidewalls, which makes it look like a doghouse stuck through the roof. And a doghouse dormer will usually avoid the problem of creating another pair of sloping walls to bump your head against.

Unlike gable dormer, the doghouse dormer has short sections of the valley, joints where its eaves reach the house roof, and then areas where the house roof runs down along the dormer’s sidewalls.

But the gable dormer’s construction is a little less complicated, and its long valleys provide fewer corners and seams for leaks.


shed dormer room addition

The shed dormer

Shed Dormer looks like a lean-to shed rising from the roof of the house. The shed roof doesn’t have a peak. It runs in the same direction as the roof, but with a flatter slope, reaching the eaves at a point that is just about the ceiling’s height inside. 

The shed dormer has no valleys to worry about, and It can just cover a single room or expand thought the entire width of a house, except in exceptional cases. It is generally cozier to construct than either the gable or doghouse dormer.

Benefits of adding a dormer

If you want to add square footage to your home and save money, build a dormer. Dormers are used by people for a variety of rooms. It can include a den or living room, bathroom, bedroom, or even a walk in closet. Adding a dormer can increase the space by about half a room. Dormer allows the space to be utilized without adding another story.

The best time to add a dormer is when you are replacing your roof shingles, your roofing contractor can shingle over your new dormers at the same time as the rest of your roof for a more cohesive look.

Increase lighting

Dormers also fulfill your desire to increase the natural light in your house. Dormers allow the window additions in areas where installing a window would not usually be possible. You can go with a small dormer if you don’t need the added space, which led to an increase in the lighting and airflow without much additional square footage.

Good weather option

Dormer designs with steep-sloped roofs give better weather resistance. A gabled dormer can shed the best snow and rain from the roof out of all dormer types.

Improve curb appeal

If you are looking for the cheapest ways to improve curb appeal and increase market value, add dormers. Dormers add beauty to the outside of the home, which buyers like. 

When it comes to aesthetics, gable dormers won the game. As gable dormers are simple to construct, they fit well with many house designs.

You should consider adding a dormer if you want to enjoy your home without a significant remodel. When you decide to add a dormer to upgrade your home, you want to be sure it is done right, and by hiring a professional remodeler or contractor, you can do so. 

Contact GM renovations NY to get help with your dormer installation. Our expert team will make sure your home improvement counts to maximize your investment for years to come without having to move to a new house.