When it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas, the open kitchen concept is a popular trend when it comes to remodeling kitchens. It is not only visually appealing, but it also catches the eye of visitors to your home. You can find many designs for an open kitchen concept in magazines and other resources. In modern architecture and interior design, the contemporary kitchen often serves as the central focus of the home’s decor.

Open kitchens offer a blend of quality living and sleek design, while also maintaining practical functionality. This leads to a range of open-plan living options. However, it’s important to consider whether this style is suitable for your home or not.

What is an Open Kitchen?

In most houses, the kitchen is typically separated from other areas by surrounding walls. However, an open kitchen is different. As the name suggests, an open kitchen is connected to other areas and spaces without any physical barriers.

It is often said that a house with an open kitchen has good “flow”. This is because the concept allows for a seamless transition from one room to the next. By working in an open kitchen, one can easily keep an eye on people in the adjacent rooms and they can also observe you.

Typically, the open kitchen is connected to either the dining or living room of the house. On occasion, the kitchen, living room, and dining room are combined into one large space.

Please keep in mind that the open kitchen space may have distinct areas. These areas may have differences in color, decoration, and flooring. Possibly, there may still be wide entryways that allow you to see from one area to another while marking the boundaries of the different rooms.

If you want to transform your enclosed kitchen into an open kitchen, the biggest obstacle is removing the walls while still ensuring the home’s structural integrity. To achieve this effectively, you should enlist the services of a kitchen remodeling contractor or redesign specialist who has experience with open-concept remodeling, such as GM Renovations NY.

Benefits of an Open Kitchen

An open kitchen design can bring a myriad of benefits to your home, from increased space to improved natural light and better entertaining capabilities.

Sense of Togetherness

Having an open kitchen creates a feeling of togetherness since you can interact with people outside of the kitchen. This allows you to have conversations, watch TV, keep an eye on family members, and engage in similar activities. In contrast, a closed kitchen can make you feel isolated from the rest of the household.

Suitable for Families with Children

Open-concept kitchens are most suitable for families with kids as it allows parents to supervise or assist their children with homework without having to leave the kitchen.


If you work in a closed kitchen, you may feel disconnected from people outside and get bored, especially when you have guests. An open kitchen allows you to interact with your guests, watch TV, and chat with them while you prepare dinner.

Great Idea for Small Houses

If you’re looking to make your small kitchen feel more spacious, improve cross-ventilation, and brighten it up, consider the open kitchen concept. This design allows natural light to enter and increases airflow since there are no walls blocking it.

Hot-Selling Idea

Remodeling your kitchen to an open-concept layout can increase the demand for your house and attract potential buyers if you plan to sell it soon.

Prevents Traffic Jams Within the House

An open kitchen style is beneficial for homes with large families as it allows for better flow and reduces the likelihood of congestion or collisions in doorways when entering or exiting the kitchen.

Open Kitchen Layouts

By removing the walls that separate the kitchen from the rest of the house, you can create an inviting atmosphere that serves as the heartbeat of your home. With an open kitchen, you can enjoy all the comforts of home while making it easier to stay connected with family and friends.

Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley kitchens are named after the configuration of kitchens on ships. They are ideal for small homes or difficult spaces since they are designed to fit into a narrow area. The layout is situated along the back of the living area, much like a ship’s galley runs lengthwise as a corridor.

U-Shaped (Horseshoe) Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen design works well in any size space and provides numerous benefits such as plentiful cabinet space, ample countertops, well-planned storage options, efficiently arranged modular kitchen pieces, and accommodating multiple cooks at once.

One-Wall Modular Kitchen

To create a streamlined kitchen in an open floor plan, consider arranging appliances along one wall. This approach maintains the kitchen as a single, borderless space within the larger living area.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped modular kitchen is a classic and functional choice that provides a great decoration for your home. Its open-end connection makes it perfect for socializing while cooking. This layout is trendy, especially when the kitchen connects to other areas of the house, and offers ample countertop space and practical use of space.

Modifications to the Open Concept Idea

If you’re unsure about the possible unfavorable aspects of transitioning to an open-plan kitchen, you can explore some options for altering the basic layout.

Create a Boundary

To create a boundary between the kitchen and the room next to it, you can use the option of placing a peninsula or an island between them, which helps to host more cabinetry and invites the opportunity to add a kitchen island bar.

Pocket Doors

Another option that you can go with is pocket doors. It’s like installing large kitchen doors that can be closed occasionally. This way, you can have both open and closed kitchens based on your preference at the time.

A sliding door, incorporated panel, or glass partition also hides the kitchen and food preparation zone when necessary. It’s also a popular option in modern, trendy, and functional kitchens that visually doesn’t separate, and light and view still go through while giving a certain level of privacy between the two zones.


Another good option is building a scullery, which is a small prep kitchen off the main one. Equip your scullery with a dishwasher and a sink to keep most of the mess out of the central kitchen while still having your stove and other appliances in the central kitchen to enjoy a conversation while cooking.

Things to Keep in Mind

Not everything suits everyone. If you plan to remodel your kitchen as an open concept, it would be better for you to think it through before actually going through the process. Check out whether an open-concept kitchen accommodates your taste or if a closed kitchen would be a better choice.

Some people find the idea of an open kitchen not suitable and unattractive because they need peace and silence while cooking. For them, the kitchen is a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of family life.

Some people don’t like the concept of a combined food and entertaining area. They don’t want people to see their kitchen mess and close the kitchen when guests come over. This also keeps the kitchen items and living items separate.

Because of the need to rely on expensive steel beams to support the structure of the house, it always costs you a significant amount when remodeling a kitchen into an open-concept style.

The solution to this problem is to hire an expert kitchen remodeling contractor for open-concept kitchen remodeling and plan everything before you get started. A professional kitchen renovator will make sure you comply with local building codes when it comes to cabinet installation, countertop installation, kitchen lighting, kitchen floor tiling, and all aspects of plumbing and electrical wiring. This will help you avoid the costly mistakes of improper planning and construction.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, consider hiring our experts in open-concept kitchen design at GM Renovations NY. Our team of designers and carpenters will take care of everything and create a layout that suits your home and family best.

Begin your remodeling project today by scheduling a free design consultation with our team of experts. Contact or call us today!

Why Does Everyone Love an Open Concept Kitchen Remodel?

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