The open kitchen concept is the latest trend in kitchen Remodeling. It looks beautiful, attractive, and grabs everyone’s attention, who might be visiting your home. There are lots of designs available in magazines etc. that includes an open kitchen concept. In modern architecture and design, the contemporary kitchen is placed into the center of the decor composition.

People of the 21st generation love an open kitchen. It combines the high quality of life with a simplistic and elegant arrangements without sacrificing the functionality of purpose, leading to a variety of open plan living premises arraignment. Still, the question here is that if this style is right for your home or not?

To clear all your doubts related to the open kitchen concept, follow this article until the end. Let’s start with understanding the concept of an open kitchen.

What is an Open Kitchen?

Generally, in most of the houses, the kitchen is separated from the other home areas by the walls surrounding it. In contrast, the idea of an open kitchen is totally different and opposite. It is somehow clear from the name “Open Kitchen” that the kitchen is open to the other areas and spaces.

We often said that a house with an open kitchen has ‘flow’ because of the concept that it flows from one room into the next. While working in an open kitchen, you can keep an eye on people in the following rooms, and they can also see you.

The open kitchen usually connects to the dining room or the living room of the house. While in some cases, it is also seen that the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room share one large space.

Just remember that the open kitchen space may not be entirely open. The different areas around the kitchen may have their own distinctions. There can be differences in color, decoration, and the flooring, or there may be wide entryways which allow you to maintain a clear sight from one area to another while still marking where rooms begin or end.

If you are planning to remodel your closed kitchen in an open kitchen. The main challenge here is to remove the walls and maintain the support structure of the home. To get this task done professionally, you should contact and hire a kitchen remodeling contractor or kitchen redesign expert having relevant experience in open concept remodeling.

Pros of an Open Concept Kitchen

Here’s a list of benefits that make open concept kitchen the right choice:

Sense of togetherness

Open kitchen brings a sense of together by making you connected with the people outside the kitchen. You can talk, watch TV, have an eye on the other family members, and do what they are doing. While in a closed kitchen, you feel like shutting off the rest of the family.

Suitable for families with children

The idea of an open kitchen works best for families with kids. Parents can watch their kids playing or help them while doing homework without leaving the kitchen.


While working in a closed kitchen, you might feel bored or lose connectivity with the people outside, especially when the guests come over. The open kitchen gives you the benefit of watching tv and chit chat with your guests while making dinner for them.

Great idea for small houses

If you want to increase your kitchen’s small amount of square footage to feel spacious, also want to make some air crossing or brighten your kitchen. The open kitchen concept is the best thing to consider because it allows natural light to enter the kitchen, and more air crossing is possible due to no walls.

Hot Selling idea

If you plan to sell your house in the near future, it would be best if you remodel your kitchen to an open concept kitchen. It attracts homebuyers like a moth to fly by increasing its demand.

Prevents traffic jam within the house

To prevent traffic jams in houses with large families, open kitchen style is right because of the flow integral to an open design. You are less likely to bump into someone else in the same doorway you are walking.

Open Kitchen Layouts

Let’s explore the possibilities offered from modern design and innovative arrangements for your open plan project.

Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley kitchen layout gets its name from a ship configuration. Galley kitchens are suitable for small homes or challenging premises, and the galleries represent a confined space, more or less by definition. This layout is arranged along the rear of the living space. There is a ship galley stretching it’s lengthways as a corridor through the ship in this type of layout.

U-Shaped (Horseshoe) Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen configuration is suitable for both small and large spaces. It offers multiple cabinets, lots of countertop surface, well-organized storage spaces, compactly arranging multiple modular kitchen pieces, and practical surface choices for the cook with the option of multiple cooks that can use the space simultaneously.

If one wants a cozier definition of the food preparation zone or a comfortable kitchen arrangement is exceptionally suitable for vast open-plan layouts.

One Wall Modular Kitchen

Aiming for a linear configuration, a one-wall setting hosts different modules of appliances, making it a more simple and clear-lined way to generate a cooking corner in the house’s open layout.

The kitchen stays as a single space in the open-plan configuration without defined borders between the kitchen and living space.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

L shaped configuration is a right, classic choice to go with. L-shaped modular kitchen is a simple and practical kitchen configuration that offers magnificent decor not only for functional cooking but also with its open-end connection bringing the dynamic social interactions at home. It is a trendy layout, especially when the kitchen adjoins with some other house area. It offers comfort, enough countertops, and practical distribution of space.

Things to Keep in Mind

Not everything suits everyone. If you plan to remodel your kitchen in an open concept, it would be better if you think through before actually going through the process. Check out whether an open concept kitchen accommodates your taste, or a closed kitchen will be a better choice.

Some people find the idea of an open kitchen not suitable and unattractive because they need peace and silence while cooking. For them, the kitchen is a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of family life.

Some people don’t like the concept of combined food and entertaining area. They don’t want people to see their kitchen mess and close the kitchen when the guests come over. This also keeps the kitchen stuff and living stuff separate.

Because of need the need to rely on expensive steel beams to support the structure of the house, it always costs you a significant amount while remodeling a kitchen into an open concept.

The solution to this problem is to hire an expert kitchen remodeling contractor for open concept kitchen remodeling and plan everything before you get started.

Modifications to the Open Concept Idea

If you are hesitating about the potential drawbacks while switching to an open concept kitchen, you can consider some ideas to modify the basic design.

Create a boundary

To create a boundary between the kitchen and the room next to it, you can use the option of placing a peninsula or an island between them, which helps to host more cabinetry and invites the kitchen island bar.

Pocket doors

Another option that you can go for is pocket doors. It is like to install large kitchen doors that can be closed now and then. In this way, you can have both open and closed kitchen according to your preference.

A sliding door or incorporated panel or glass partition also hides the kitchen and food preparation zone when necessary. It is also a popular option in modern, trendy, and functional knack that visually does not separates, and light and view still go through while giving a certain level of privacy between the two zones.


Another good option is building a scullery. The scullery is a small prep kitchen off the main one. Equip your scullery with a dishwasher and a sink to keep most of the mess out of the central kitchen while you can still have your stove and other stuff in the central kitchen to enjoy a conversation during cooking.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then hire our Long Island NY open concept kitchen design experts from GM Renovations and let our designers and carpenters deal with your problems and craft a layout that will work best for your home and your family. Start remodeling today by setting up your free design consultation with our expert team.